This Week with Wendy

Divorce and the Homeowner with Amy Valdivia

April 18, 2022

Does getting a divorce have to mean starting over as a homeowner?

A marital home is most couples' biggest asset, serving as the hub for family life, work-from-home success and child-rearing. Convention dictates that marital homes are sold and divided when it comes to divorce, but Amy Valdivia of American Financial Network might have a better way. 

As a local branch for this nationwide lender, Amy guides clients to realize the American dream of homeownership. She’s spent 31 years in the mortgage industry and over the years, developed a specialty important to listeners of "This Week with Wendy." 

You see, Amy’s calling is to serve the community – and wanted to do more than attend charity events. She found the answer when she became a Certified Divorce Lending Professional. 

Amy supports divorcing couples and their attorneys, alleviating one of the greatest areas of contention: home financing. 

Learn more about Amy and her work here


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